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International Shipping Slowdowns

Our pupae trays and bridges are all proudly Made in America. Normally this brings folks a sense of pride, but with Covid-19 worries worldwide many countries are prohibiting or heavily screening incoming packages from other countries. 

SCMW is going to be limiting international orders while we all wait for this pandemic to pass

We will only be shipping internationally to CANADA, EUROPE, and AUSTRALIA at this time. We do plan to open up to the rest of world again when all of this has passed.

Domestic shipments inside the United States will continue at USPS's normal (slow) rate. 


Can’t say enough about how much time it is saving me to separate pupa with the pupae separator I got from SCMW .. over 31k collected today in a pretty short time!

Max Stafford

Kudos to SCMW and this little tool. I didn’t think I had this many pupae!

Clint Downs