About Us

Space Coast Mealworms began in February 2017 by Scott Jost. He wanted a way to save money on mealworms for his small backyard chicken flock. Months later he had a thriving worm colony in his garage, with more worms than he ever imagined! He decided to sell to local chicken farmers and network with mealworm farmers around the country. 

As his farm grew he began to notice a problem. Picking out pupae by hand began take longer and longer each week. So he designed and 3D printed a prototype sifting tray that allowed him to quickly sort pupae from the worms and substrate. After receiving multiple requests online to sell his trays, he found a local laser cutter and got to work designing an affordable pupae sifting tray that he could sell to other mealworm farmers. This was not an intended focus of Space Coast Mealworms, but Scott saw the opportunity to share his idea with his fellow mealworm farmers, and now his pupae sifting trays are his biggest selling item!

In April 2020 Scott sold off all of his worms. He developed a pretty severe allergy to mealworm frass and wanted to focus more on the pupae sifting side of the business. During the pandemic the business has grown as a result of new farmers across the world. Scott continues to add new products and work on new designs to make mealworm farming easier. 

SCMW is committed to serving the mealworm farming community and its customers. He is an active member of several mealworm farming communities and runs the Mealworm Farming Co-Op page. He works as an elementary school teacher during the day and mentors new mealworm farmers by night.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed!  To learn more, visit:

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