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Space Coast Mealworms

Beetle Self-Sorting Tray

Beetle Self-Sorting Tray

*TWO New Sizes!* Now you can purchase a Giant Beetle Sorter - more than double the size of the Large sorter, and beetles can self-sort in two different directions! Perfect for medium- to large-sized farms!

ALSO, you can opt for a dual-sorter that fits snugly inside the popular 20x12x4 Food Tubs from Webstaurant (Food Tub not included with purchase).

Tired of hand-picking out dead beetles, exoskeletons, and food particles from your beetle bins? Wish there was a magical way to separate your live beetles from all of this junk? Well now there is!  This self-sorting tower is designed to allow beetles to climb out from the rubbish and fall into a beetle collection tray below, all on their own without hours of labor every week.

This design has been years in the making, but finally with a super helpful customer drawing we've come up with a working design. 

This sorting tower is made from 1/8" clear acrylic. Its smooth walls will prevent beetles from escaping. The climbing ramp is engraved to provide enough traction for the beetles to climb up. 

Note: this product is not meant to be a ‘quick’ process. Beetles are slow and dumb. It may take up to 24 hours for every beetle to decide to go for a walk up the ramp. You can help the process along by adding a tasty moisture source in the bottom tray, but do not expect instant results with this system. It’s a ‘set and forget’ tool to allow the beetles sort themselves on their own time.

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