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Space Coast Mealworms

Mealworm Sizing Tower

Mealworm Sizing Tower

*NEW PRODUCT* - Stacking Trays that fit inside black food tubs!

Introducing the new stacking mealworm sifting tower that fits inside the popular food tubs from These trays are double the area of our Large sifting trays, and provide a ‘set and forget’ option for gravity-sorting your worms by size. You can select which five mesh sizes you want, including our famous pupae sifting mesh design. Every set comes with a lid as well, to keep dust and critters inside. The lid can double as a pupae bridge if needed.



These mealworm sizing towers are perfect for anyone needing to sort their mealworms by different sizes.

This tower contains mesh sizes that are included in the common green bucket sifters, plus a few that aren’t. The stacking design allows worms to self-sift from one level to the next.

Mesh sizes:

pupae sifter










Three purchasing options:

1) Single Tray - Any single mesh size (excluding pupae sifter)

2) Five Tray Bundle - Any 4 of the above mesh sizes (including pupae sifter), plus bottom tray (5 trays total) AND an interlocking lid that can double as a medium pupae bridge.

3) Complete Set - all 9 mesh sizes, plus bottom tray and pupae sifting tray (11 trays total) AND an interlocking lid that can double as a medium pupae bridge.

Trays come in a smooth 1/8” mdf or acrylic material. Tray sizes come in our small, medium, large, and XL varieties. Tray walls are either 2 or 3” tall.

Interlocking design prevents worms from crawling out of stacked tower.

Compare with bucket sifting trays

Note These towers are NOT designed for collecting frass - they are only for farmers who wish to have more worm sizing options.

Because these are larger products they take more time to cut and to process orders. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Most orders are processed in less than a week, depending on existing orders. 

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