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Space Coast Mealworms

Super Pupator

Super Pupator

This stackable tray provide a safe way to isolate mature superworms ready to pupate. As most farmers who raise supers know, this species needs to be isolated and stressed in order to pupate. This laborious process is part of what makes supers so expensive, especially since the pupation process isn't always successful. 

This Super Pupator tray helps with this. The tray provides room for worms to isolate in their own cell, with plenty of air flow and darkness they require. The inside cells are removable, for when your worms have all pupated and are ready to be added to your pupae tray. It also contains a measuring tool on the lid to help select your largest worms. 2in/5cm or longer is ideal!

There are two pricing options:

A) Tray with Lid

B) Additional Tray



1/8" mdf material - 1.75" inside wall height - 8.25"Lx8.25W"x2.75"H


To help improve your success, SCMW recommends the 10 Day Method:

1) Measure your mature worms using the scale on the lid of this tray. 2in/5cm or larger is what most farmers use to select which worms to isolate. Too small and the worms will starve and die and horribly stinky death.

2) Drop one worm into each cell and place the lid on top. No need to add food, moisture, or any other comfort items. The goal is to stress them out.

3) After 10 days check on your worms. If the worm is still crawling around its cell then return it to your worm tray to join the other worms. It clearly is not ready to pupate. If the worm is curled into a C shape, leave it in the Pupator. It is about to pupate and just needs another day or two. If the worm has pupated you can place it into a separate pupae tray or keep it in the cell to wait for the others to turn. 

This 10-Day Method will prevent a lot of starvation deaths, and is very effective!


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