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Space Coast Mealworms

Small Farm Bundle

Small Farm Bundle

Just starting out? These two mealworm pupae products will help get you on your way!

The small pupae sifter tray will help you separate your pupae in seconds. This tray has precision lasercut slots that allow worms and substrate to fall through, but not pupae. 

The pupae bridge will help keep pupae safe from cannibalistic beetles below. Simply place the bridge in your beetle tray. When pupae emerge as beetles they naturally walk off the bridge and into your beetle bin.

Bundle these two products and SAVE!

Note: The acrylic bridge has slick sides to prevent beetles from crawling up to reach the pupae on top. 

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Small (6x6") Mealworm Pupae Sifting Tray (Material)
Small (6x6x1.5") Pupae Bridge (Material)
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