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Space Coast Mealworms

Let SCMW Assemble My Tray

Let SCMW Assemble My Tray

Don't have any wood glue, super glue, or acrylic cement? No problem! SCMW can assemble your tray(s) for you, for a small fee of course. Assembled trays will come in a slightly larger box, so this extra fee covers extra shipping and definitely some extra handling with your order.

Your order's shipping speed may also be delayed a bit since it takes time to glue and dry your freshly-assembled tray. Birch and mdf products will be adhered using wood glue, while acrylic products will be adhered using Weld-On acrylic cement.

Assembly costs scale with tray size, so be sure to select the appropriate option for your order. I would hate to send a half-glued tray to cheapos who try to select a smaller option than what they actually purchased.

If you don't add this assembly option your tray will be shipped unassembled, just like the thousands of other trays I have shipped over the years. Assembly is easy and requires just a bit of glue and a few hours to dry. This option is merely for the glueless (is that a word) or the lazy (like me) or the super busy folks who don't have time to watch glue dry. 

NOTE: This option is only for single trays, not for stacking tray products. Mainly because I don't have boxes tall enough to fit assembled stacking trays. 

Not sure if you have the skills needed to glue your own tray? Watch this video to see the process, then decide for yourself if you'd like SCMW to do it for you:

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