Collection: Misfits

Need a pupae sifter but don't care about aesthetics? These affordable sifters work just as good as a regular sifter, but have one or more imperfections that have prevented me from shipping them out to customers. Our mistake is your gain! 

Common issues are backwards logo, missing masking tape (used to prevent charring during cutting), or miscuts, where the laser cut (or didn't cut) as it should have. Regardless of the imperfection, all of these trays will work as designed with a bit of love and some blurry vision. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, the imperfections for each item will different from tray to tray. A tray will be chosen at random from the available (limited) stock, so you get what you get.  We will not take requests, as all misfits work as well as any others. These are just cosmetic differences.