*UPDATED* Round Acrylic Sifting Inserts

The always popular sifting inserts have had a couple major upgrades!  

Upgrade 1: HANDLES

Metal hardware handles are now available for new or existing trays. These handles screw in to the center slot of older models, or into the center hole for upgraded models. Handles will completely change the way you insert or remove your sifting insert, and it's been a long time coming!  We will still offer the older sifting insert version (with the barbell-shaped tool) if you're budget-conscious. 

Upgrade 2: ALL NEW SIZES

Now you can purchase a sifting insert in most major slot sizes. If you have the 5- or 6-piece green bucket sifters from Amazon you know there are some sizes in between that you can't easily find. Now you can sift with a 1/6 mesh if you want, or a 1/11, or 1/14!  All major sizes between 1/6 and 1/16 are available. As always, these sifting inserts are available in 1/8" mdf, birch, or acrylic material (use this link to view mdf or birch options *COMING SOON* ).  



It seems the green sifting trays are getting more and more expensive as time goes by, so we've decided to design a new way of stacked sifting. Instead of using the pricey green trays, we have transformed the inside of a standard Home Depot bucket into our sifting tower, using carefully modified diameters for each tray in the vertical stack. Each mesh insert will now 'float' at a particular level inside the bucket, and the handles will help serve as a center stabilizer for the insert above it. We will offer a 5- or a 10- piece set. You can choose which mesh size you want with the 5-piece, or you can get them all (pupae sifter and 1/8-1/16) with the 10pc. Both sets also come with a vented lid to help reduce dust and material from escaping the bucket. 


Below is the main product description for the pupae sifting inserts:

Tired of picking our mealworm pupae by hand? These sifting trays are designed to remove over 90% of the pupae from your colony with just a few shakes!  The secret is in the horizontal slots on the bottom. They are wide enough to allow frass, substrate, and mealworms to fall through, but small enough to catch curved pupae. Some newly formed soft pupae may slip through, but the majority of your pupae population will stay in the tray!

Trays are made of 1/8 sturdy acrylic that has been laser cut to precision. 

Round trays are designed to fit inside of green bucket sifters. These green sieves are essential for any established mealworm farm and help farmers separate their worms and frass from the substrate. 

Note: Products are laser cut as they are ordered and will usually ship within a week. Our internal goal for each order is 1-3 days, but this is based on how many current orders exist. We will do our best to communicate an expected shipping and delivery date if your tray isn't available within a week. International shipping usually takes 1-3 weeks to arrive.